Wirral & Liverpool martial arts combining Karate, Kung-Fu & Boxing for adults & children. 

Goyararu with its generic name and symbols from Tibet is translated in Sanskrit - The ancient and sacred language of the Far East with its English interpretation as follows: - “Path to the Mind via the Physical body”

To most people the Martial Arts are no more than specialised forms of combat. Although Martial Arts training can be used for self-defence, combat is not the only essence of these noble Art forms.

The ultimate goal of GOYARARU as an ART FORM is the attainment of Physical, Emotional and Philosophical balance.  How can the finer Human qualities be refined and developed by the constant training, and sometimes only training, of  the more brutal, and uncontrolled aspects of the Human personality, It is a matter of great sadness that the philosophy of the Arts is not just absent in most training centres, but actually suppressed and replaced with an obsession towards combat, violence and arrogance, and the entire array of destructive character traits that the Old Masters sought so much to control and guide.

After an extensive study of pure Kung - Fu, Karate, Tai Chi, Muka Bazi, Gatika, etc. it was found that each doctrine displayed limitations by catering for, and creating, a particular type of person. Goyararu extracted basic essential techniques in an effort to improve all people, irrelevant of their PHYSICAL, INTELLECTUAL or EMOTIONAL condition, to build a solid platform unique to each individual.

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The Art of Goyararu is a mixture of:

  1. GOYARARU KARATE - unyielding, direct, thrusting, snapping. click here

  2. GOYARARU KUNG-FU - continuous, dual and circular. click here

  3. GOYARARU BOXING - British fist fighting. click here

  4. GOYARARU MUKA BAZI - Indian upper body combat/conditioning. click here

  5. GOYARARU GATIKA - weapons training. click here

  6. GOYARARU SENA DASI - merciless, uncompromising (Yang). click here

  7. GOYARARU TAI CHI - yielding, flowing, passive (Yin). click here


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`What I admire about the past Masters is not what they have discovered, but having the courage,  faith and tolerance to search for it`.