About Us

The Goyararu symbol is an equilateral triangle with each side representing a quality that every person should have in order to lead a well-balanced, successful and happy life.

Therefore, a perfect person would be physically fit, intellectually alert and emotionally aware, thus having supreme faith in their ability and judgment.

What is the G.M.A.A?

Although every practitioner will eventually develop their own particular `style` from Goyararu, each student must be taught the `Art form` to develop themselves individually because everyone is unique.

The Goyararu Martial Arts Association teaches the Martial Art Way, an Art form not a style!

An Artform

An Art form must allow self-expression to be modified by each person to suit his/her physio-psychological and social needs.

A Style

A style is a particular interpretation of some basic concepts, ideas and the vast numbers of different styles have evolved because different instructors have interpreted the basic concepts in different ways.

Without realising it many Martial Artists have separated the `ART` from the `Martial and portray themselves inappropriately and have disillusioned many people over the years.  Bullying, arrogance, bad manners, within the training environment, are just a few of the tactics employed to intimidate students to accept their teachings/actions without question. In some disciplines to question a higher grade is forbidden!

Goyararu will not suppress information or knowledge and urge people to respectfully seek truth, knowledge and wisdom and not to be suppressed or intimidated physically, intellectually or verbally by others. We offer a helping hand to all well-meaning people who desire it.

Many instructors and students are honourable but may lack a reliable source of information they can trust to help further their journey in the Martial Arts.

If you have any constructive criticism/questions and you think we can help YOU.

Note; Be aware, through past experiences I have realised, for most people, the truth is harder to accept and live with than a lie!