`Your child’s welfare is in your hands, the decisions you make in the next few minutes may determine their future well being`

The foundations of adult life are formed during our childhood and all parents wish to give their children the best possible start. Unfortunately, we can not always be at their side to guide and support them and are often unaware when they are in difficulties.

We wish to keep our children loving and safe; not to be timid or become a bully, to be kind but not gullible, to be a strong individual, and not just go along with the majority and have the confidence when to say NO! & walk away.

Your child will learn:- basic Karate and boxing with great emphasis placed upon:- discipline, respect, control, awareness, compassion & happiness. To help them flourish with self-confidence in a world of conflicts, uncertainty, dangers and unhealthy pressure.

We will not teach or tolerate:-

Bullying, violence, arrogance, wickedness, cheekiness, bad manners or any other negative trait that may now, or in the future, hinder or effect theirs or others welfare. Parents and instructors MUST work together for each child’s benefit!

“I have never seen a 6 year old child punch so hard……….all parents need to see these children train.”-   Mr. J Jones (parent)

Every Childs safety & happiness is a priority at all times


(9 years and over)

Thursday 6:30pm to 7:15pm

Lessons last about 3/4 of an hour.

Both parent and Child may train together. This will help their progress and also be fun.