Competitor from all over the country gathered at the Goyararu headquarters in birkenhead for the finals.

The competition had several categories competing for Gold and Silver medals ie Children freestyle, Carl Cosgrove Gold and Scott Spence Silver. Children’s Kata,Jared Williams Gold and Declan Phillips Silver. Adult junior grades freestyle Jenny Flynn Gold and AJ Giers Silver. Adult junior grades Kata AJ Giers Gold and Jenny Flynn Silver. Adult intermediate grades freestyle Vinny Bickerstaff Gold and Samantha Dillon Silver. Adult intermediate grades Kata Becky Forbes Gold and Debra Ashworth Silver. Senior grades freestyle Terry New Gold and Danny Conroy Silver. Senior grades Kata Sam Munro Gold and Dominic Lavelle Silver. Black Belt freestyle Mike Munro Gold and John McGorry Silver. Black Belt Kata John McGorry Gold and Mike Munro Silver.

Senior freestyle

Black Belt Kata

Children’s freestyle

Mother and son Jared and Debra

Middle grades Freestyle