Goyararu freestyle has a profound interpretation in terms of an underlying philosophy, it enables a person to develop their perception, awareness and collectiveness of mind so that by the attainment of these qualities they can reduce the number of missed opportunities not only in freestyle but in the wider arena of life itself. This philosophy is essentially concerned with the acquisition of some degree of personal control; because control is the basis of all rationality, (in a wider sense the basis of social logic itself).

Goyararu freestyle is not a fight or an ego trip it involves two people practicing various offensive and defensive techniques in such a way as not to cause undue stress or harm physically, intellectually and emotionally. Techniques are executed in a way that encourage people to experiment without fear of being bullied or overwhelmed, it is enjoyable and is fun to be a participant.  It helps to develop and sharpen the senses so that the response to a stimulus (e.g. an attack) becomes correct and automatic, starting slowly at first and quickens as your ability improves.

Basic practice with a partner is very important for it enables each individual to develop their own strategy that suits them, therefore, it’s not necessarily the person with the most skills that are successful, but the person that can utilise the qualities they posses to their full potential to safety out manoeuvre and outwit, both intellectually and technically the other person.