Gatika is commonly referred to as an Indian Martial Art used by the Sikhs of northern India, but it is actually a slang expression to describe any object(s) held in the hand, from a sword, stick or even any everyday object. Gatika is not just the attainment of physical competence but a means of acquiring a deeper understanding of oneself via the study of movement & meditation.

Goyararu Gatika use a basic form and methodology for moving the feet, body, arms and weapons correctly and in unison. The aim is to achieve a fluid, natural and flowing movement without hesitation, doubt or anxiety. The continuous swinging  motion of the weapon and coordinated movements of the hands and feet improve balance and focus the major energies of the body & mind. This is the foundation of Goyararu Gatika.

Goyararu utilise a variety of weapons from many Art forms to cater for each individual, but one of the most powerful techniques is the use of double weapons that create a shield for the entire body which is virtually impenetrable.

All weapons used in the Goyararu Martial Arts should be held in the highest esteem and respect.