Our founder MR. John Williams began his Martial Arts training in the early 1950`s at his home in Toxteth, Liverpool, with his older brother Tommy.  Their first teacher was their father Mr. Thomas Henry Williams, who successfully boxed for the Army during the second World war.  John trained in various clubs around the area including, The Golden Gloves, Belvedere Boys club but he fought out of the Brunswick Boys club on Princes Road, having boxing matches in many clubs including the Florence institute. 

After travelling to various places around the world, he found himself in Nottingham in the early seventies and helped form a club called the British Goya-Ra-Ru Association. (BGA)

He trained with many distinguished practitioners within Goya-Ra-Ru and soon became one of its most senior instructors and leading figureheads, teaching and establishing Goya-Ra-Ru throughout the country.

After realising the path of the (BGA) was not heading in the direction that would benefit all students John decided, with other senior Black Belts, they could no longer give their support to the (BGA) and reluctantly left. With the foundation stones no longer there the (BGA) soon collapsed. John would now use all his knowledge to create a true Art form ,he called Goyararu Martial Arts Association.

‘In life if you refuse everything but the best, you often GET the best. The sculptors that would perfect their work must first sharpen their tools. Do not be afraid to re-evaluate, learn from the past and let honesty and humility be your guide. Goyararu when properly understood and practised will enrich the passage of time.’

Over the years Mr. John Williams, with his constant search for knowledge, has discovered, developed and adapted a wealth of techniques and a philosophical way exceeding the original teachings of Goya-Ra-Ru. 

`The newly formed Art of Goyararu promotes unification of `MAN` by obtaining a deeper understanding of one`s self so we can eventually learn to be more tolerant with others. Each student is encouraged to have more control and become more flexible in movement and attitude.