“The ultimate purpose of Karate is to develop the positive features of the human character rather than merely strengthen the Human Being against physical enemies.” – Master Masutatsu Oyama


The basic essential components of Karate & Boxing are the first stage of a GOYARARU students learning program and utilised to build strength, flexibility, co-ordination and overall improve each individuals fitness level and discipline.

According to the Old Masters, Karate was developed not only to strengthen the body, train the reflexes, sharpen the senses and enable a sense of rhythm and co-ordination but mainly as a means of attaining spiritual and emotional enlightenment.

Karate techniques when working together are very efficient and consist of physical techniques that make full use of the maximum storage and release of energy the body has to offer. Upper body techniques tend to be synchronised i.e as on is releasing energy the other is storing energy. Breathing is habitual i.e when a technique reaches its focus point and tension occurs the breath is expired, when relaxation occurs the breath is drawn in.

With very effective powerful direct blocking and striking techniques, (i.e punching & kicking, knee/elbow etc) and unrelenting rhythm, speed and dynamic attitude, the KARATE competitor In the 60`s & 70`s was highly thought of and respected as a very competent practitioner.

KARATE must be a personal battle; you must become a mirror for your mind, an expression of SELF.

Each individual technique must be fully appreciated; it must have purpose, it must appear realistic, performed with deliverance, confidence and authority, possess the right attitude and never be rushed.

It must have `LIFE`. The underlying principal is that a person applies the appropriate response to an imaginary opponent(s). Only by pushing the boundaries of YOUR Physical, Intellectual and Emotional qualities will your imaginary opponent(s) become likewise, thus constantly improving YOUR competence.