Kung Fu

Kung Fu is an outstanding Chinese cultural legacy, and when someone says they train in `Kung Fu`, they most likely mean they train in one of the many styles of Chinese Martial Arts. There`s been a multitude of styles that have existed over the years such as 10,000 Bees, Tai Chi, Monkey, Mantis, Tiger, Snake and many more, each with their own unique fighting methods, strategy and attitude.


Mr. John Williams is an innovator who continuously looks for way to improve Goyararu and his teaching methods. Since the 1970`s he has extensively studied various styles and found that many instructors restricted their students and themselves by teaching `ONE` particular fighting method, `ONE` strategy and `ONE` attitude they consider sufficient.

Mr. Williams believes this is flawed because each persons needs and capabilities are unique and a true `Art Form` should cater for everyone. Goyararu have combined essential physical, intellectual and emotional techniques from many `Art Forms` that represent different aspects and concepts of the Human personality to understand and improve each student as an individual.

Consider these concepts intellectually by the strategy and attitude of just a few of the `Art Forms` Goyararu study;

Tiger: uncomplicated strong, powerful straightforward methods, techniques and strategies.

Snake: rapid efficient response with focused precision and speed.

Monkey: elusive and apparently erratic but counterattacks with deadly effect.

Drunken: tricky, highly alert, cunning, very deceptive and extremely hard to detect and predict.

“Like the faces of a diamond reflect the different facets of the beauty of light so does the ART of GOYARARU reflect the many facets of Human nature by the understanding of which one can attain complete stillness, peace and harmony of Mind and Body.”