There are many forms of Tai Chi but the main one used today was adapted by the Chinese Government to accommodate westerners. Many masters disagree with these changes saying it undermines the true essence of Tai Chi. Mr. John Williams has witnessed many forms of Tai Chi and believes as an “internal” Chinese martial art it has many restrictions both for students and instructors.


Goyararu Tai Chi involves YOUR PATH to YOUR MIND via YOUR BODY. Not everyone moving, breathing and feeling the same, but creating yourself as an individual promoting your own persona.

Relaxation and proper coordinated breathing is vital for everyday life and the correct execution of everything we do, from Martial Arts, gymnastics, running and walking, to standing, sitting, resting and sleeping. Goyararu Tai Chi have movements that are energetic, others soft, some rapid others slow, one move followed by another in uninterrupted, rhythmic harmony, like a flowing stream. Each individual creating their own personalised moves.

Relaxation is defined as `a state of living in which the physical and mental activities of the body are slowed down to the minimum level  possible.`


If we consider the attitude of Tai Chi as being yielding, flowing, passive and relaxing(Yin),  then Sena Dasi is the other end of the scale and viewed to be blinkered, inflexible, merciless and lacking in compromise.(yang)

Sena Dasi is a state of mind, terrible, very personal and powerful that’s treacherous and difficult to overcome, concealing the true consequences and shame of your actions. It remains hidden in your every task, prowling and waiting to devour and destroy anything that lies in its path or threatens its very existence. If it`s ignored and not confronted it will justify every action, with no other point of view taken into account, it becomes stronger and stronger and without question misguides you throughout life.

Understanding Sena Dasi gives the practitioner a balanced training method with Tai Chi. (Yin & Yang) and is the fundamental foundation stone of philosophy within the Art of Goyararu.

Warning: Practicing Sena Dasi incorrectly without proper supervision is dangerous and can cause not only physical but intellectual and emotional damage.

The pace of modern day living is such that it places great demands upon energy resources of the body. This constant demand if unchecked can eventually lead to nervous illnesses, constant fatigue, loss of vitality and a host of other such troubles.

Goyararu training will eventually enable you to rid your body of all conscious tensions, which are the root cause of most energy draining factors, by concentrating on the unnecessary tensions of various muscles hindering rest and correct movement: this can only be observed when control over these tensions, (i.e. relaxation), is achieved.